How Do I Naturally Reset My Metabolism?

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Resetting Metabolism Vs Speeding Up Metabolism

December 6th, 2022

Metabolism is the body’s ability to make use of chemical processes to break down, maintain and produce various substances into energy for living cells to use. Your metabolic rate is simply the amount of energy that your body uses to perform various functions.

You are most probably aware of the phrases slow and fast metabolism. Well in simple terms, a fast metabolism means that you use up more energy to perform your tasks while a slower metabolism means that less energy is used up when performing these tasks.

Understanding how metabolism influences your weight loss is important to help you lose weight and keep it off. Most weight loss programs out there emphasize more on speeding up your metabolism to lose weight and primarily this is water weight. The common supposition is that if you eat less and exercise more then, this should automatically lead to weight loss.

In most cases, this does not happen. What happens instead is the weight loss stalls and more exercise or higher calorie reduction leads to weight gain! So, is there a way to get out of this rut and actually get real and lasting results?


Resetting Your Metabolism

Eastside Weight Loss approaches weight loss in an entirely unique way. The focus of the Eastside Weight Loss program is to help people restore their cellular health, which in turn creates a state in your body where naturally occurring hormones in your body respond and regulate metabolism efficiently to burn fat, lose weight and maintain the results.

Taking medication and doing injections as a method of speeding up your metabolism can only work for so long. It is not sustainable. There are risks involved in introducing exogenous hormones into your body or toxins to speed up your metabolic rate. Yes, they do achieve results; however, ask yourself at what cost. More often than not, the weight loss that takes place resumes again later with even more weight gained in certain instances.

Weight loss resistance is truly a hormone dysregulation issue meaning your cells don’t naturally hear the hormones that your body naturally produces or your body is not producing an adequate level of hormones for your cells to hear it or a combination of both.


How Does It Work?

The Eastside Weight Loss program takes you through a process of creating a state to allow these cells to hear the hormones that your body naturally produces and also to naturally enhance the production of key hormones and making sure the thyroid hormone is also being heard.

The other component to resetting your metabolism is to restore mitochondrial integrity. Mitochondria are millions of organelles within your cells that produce ATP, which is basically energy that drives the body. When these cells are not put to use, you lose them making it difficult to convert fat into usable energy. Resetting your metabolism, therefore, involves fixing this physiology and making your weight loss effective and sustainable. Contact Eastside Weight Loss today to schedule an appointment!

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