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Starvation is NOT an Effective Tool for Weight Loss

December 1st, 2022

Here at Eastside Weight Loss, we understand that getting hungry is a major concern for people trying to lose weight. The common misconception is that weight loss is a torturous activity that basically involves eating small portions that leave you starving while being expected to exercise more.

The Eastside Weight loss program proves otherwise. Most weight loss businesses in Kirkland will leave you feeling hungry, the Spokane Weight loss program doesn’t, because what we’re dealing with is at a neurological level. The Spokane Weight Loss program allows for the hypothalamus gland in your brain to become sensitive to a hormone called leptin, which controls appetite.
Leptin is the master hormone that controls whether you feel hungry or full. This particular hormone is secreted by a fat tissue known as adipose.


Losing Weight Effectively

The focus of the Eastside Weight Loss program is to to burn excess fat for energy in the most optimal way. Studies have shown that 1g of fat equals 9 calories, so if you need to lose 20, 30, 40 pounds, you’re carrying a lot of energy that you need to burn. The concept of starving yourself or depriving yourself of food, therefore, works against you and can, in effect, result in additional weight gain instead of weight loss.

As a woman, you need a minimum of 1,200 calories per day and for a man 1,500 calories per day for your body to carry out normal functions such as breathing, pumping blood, cellular repair and hormone production. A starvation diet in effect, deprives you of the necessary energy to perform these bodily functions optimally and carry out your daily tasks.

The negative effects of starvation include weakness, dizziness, fatigue, nutritional deficiencies, nausea, digestive distress, irritability, and depression. A prolonged starvation diet can also lead to organ failure and death.


The Safe Route to Weight Loss

Within the Eastside Weight Loss program, it’s important to understand that:

  • There are safe products to help you manage your cravings and suppress your appetite while retraining your body.
  • Your body is going to again become sensitive to a hormone called leptin that will communicate effectively to your brain that you do not need to eat anymore. You’re going to find that you desire to eat less food because you don’t need to.
  • You’re also going to utilize fat that you have accumulated that you need to burn quickly and that will be converted to energy so that the body can sustain itself.

In a nutshell, it is designed to help you understand and achieve weight loss optimally and maintain your results for the rest of your life. Contact Eastside Weight Loss today to schedule a free weight loss consultation.

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